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The End (of Summer)

This week was big for me. Returning to my college town. Moving into a new apartment. Praying for hours with inspiring Christians. Reuniting with college friends. Watching my friends start classes without me. Starting full-time work in the Olive Tree Bible Software office. Eating plenty of free food as an Olive Tree employee. Big stuff.

But what does this mean for you, if you care to read this blog? My summer is now over. The frequency of book reviews may decline, since I have less time to devote to reading and no more long bus trips planned for the near future. On the flip side of the coin, this should mean an increasing variety of topics discussed besides Christian books. Well, that will start once I have internet in my new apartment, instead of using the free WiFi on my college campus. We’ll see where it goes. I know no more than you do at this point.

The good news is that God feels closer now all day, every day lately. His greatness and love amaze me to no end, and his wonderful qualities have been easy to see from morning to night. I think I am justified to take a break from the usual discussions on faith, theology and publishing to praise him here. God has surrounded me with people who show me I am loved and valued, even those I have recently met and do not know well. My co-workers make up only one such group of people. God provided much besides to put me where I am this week. It all just emphasizes to me his infinite goodness and wonderful care for me, for everyone.

As I feel God’s presence strengthen in my life, he urges me to draw continually closer to him. This week, that means for me to dive into prayer and reading the Bible, two habits I fail to keep regularly with any devotion. Thankfully, God has always been a step ahead and provided college friends to pray with, as well as prayer time with others at my work, both of which should help keep me motivated.

He has also inspired me to start reading those obscure passages in the Old Testament that are still unfamiliar to me. Frequently over the past several months, those praying college friends have gushed to me about how much they love reading the Old Testament, especially the prophets. They would flip open their Bibles and point out passages from their studies that amazed them and let them see God under new lights. Most of the time, I hadn’t even heard of those particular passages before.

I’ve decided to start my study in 1 Samuel and continue through the life of Saul, David, and the following kings of Israel. It has already surprised me how irresistibly addictive it is to read the fascinating history of Israel. Once I get started, wrapping myself in the drama of battles against the Philistines and Saul’s unexplained thirst to murder David, I find myself unwilling to put down this most incredible written work that far surpasses all other books in the world.

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