Is Your Life Killing You?

31 Mar

From last week’s episode…

When the standard is Jesus Christ, “pretty good” is not good enough.

The question “Why not?” seems like a reasonable retort.

Well, let’s talk about sin. If you don’t get sin, then you won’t get salvation. So what is sin and why is it a problem? A metaphor I’ve heard before is about water. If you take a bottle of water, fresh out of the vending machine, it probably won’t kill you. It should be pure and clean and life-giving.

Credit: John (

Credit: John (

Take that same bottle and add a drop of fatal poisonIs  a la Romeo and Juliet. Now, what would I have to pay you to drink that bottle? To take even one sip? Would $100 be enough? What about $1,000? More? If you’re a sane person, no sum of money could make you drink that water. It’s corrupted. One drink:one death. You’d leave that money as an inheritance to somebody.

But it’s just one poisonous drop. So the water is still pretty good, right? Like 99% at least. But that’s not good enough to drink. That’s not life-giving.

The same goes for humans. One sin:one death. That’s the ratio. No matter how little the sin is, how small the corruption, it’s still poison.

So how about that list I wrote last week? What may look trivial to you is much more than one drop of poison to God. How much do you think I’d have to pay God to drink all that poison?

By his grace, I don’t have to. He already did in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus drank it all. My sin. Your sin. The sin of that bully in sixth grade. The sin of every dictator and tyrant that has ever ruled. He drank it up and died for it. In the process, we were given the choice to become one with God. Jesus’ sacrifice means we can be freed of our sin, cleansed, and brought into unity with the divine. The greatest miracle ever witnessed. That is what Good Friday is about.

What’s the catch? There is no such thing as a one-way relationship. Every good gift must be accepted. This redemption has to be mutual. Release your grip on that contaminated water bottle. Give it up to him whom gave up all for you. God came down to your level and stretched out his arms on the cross. Will you run into those arms or away from him? It’s your choice.

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